Monday, July 23, 2007

A U D I O / V I S U A L
The Week of July Fifteenth

Ruby and the Romantics: Our Day Will Come How can one dislike this song, really? It's one of those songs, like those of the Shirelles, that just brings about an almost sinister feeling... like the artist knows something you don't. Can't you see planes crashing and steamers sinking and people exploding in your head very easily when listening to this? Try it. Come on.

Junior Senior: Can I Get Get Get Plainly and simply makes one want to dance. Their music video is awfully enjoyable, too, and it's just a, eh, "fun" song. The "a" is paired with the "fun" there, not the "eh." Just so you know.

Seabear: Drunk Song I just heard of these guys this week and I really, really like them. They're soft without being depressing and simple without being boring, and they play a mean piano.

I'd say my favorite part of this week was Saturday evening, when we found a two young street musicians and asked if we could videotape them. They were both young, in high school, and so small. One was rotund and blonde, the other slight and Asian-- he playing the violin and Rotund playing the clarinet(te). Below is a video-- prior to the street musician footage you will find a very annoying account of pizza-eating. Click here for all episodes of my 'show,' Eat Your Heart Out.

Thursday night was my second opening at the BCofArts and it went incredibly well. There was even more of a crowd than last time, which I didn't think possible, and it rained, which gave the show a comfy, cozy, and somewhat lovely atmosphere. I think people honestly enjoyed themselves, and I'm looking forward to my next and final installation of the summer in August.


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Sunday, July 15, 2007

A U D I O / V I S U A L
The Week of July Eighth

Jaymay: The Only One I Love To have an artist like this compliment my music is SCHWEET in one word. I love this song, and I love her. Very much. I'd suggest you buy her five dollar e.p.

Peter, Paul and Mary: Leaving On a Jet Plane I can't stop listening to this song, I can't, I can't, I really cannot. I'm using it in my opening for a piece on Thursday and I think it's great in a lot of different ways.

G. Love and Special Sauce: Baby's Got Sauce When I heard that G. Love was playing at the landing I never thought we'd end up at the very front, in his face. It was pretty fantastic, to say the least. There was, however, a girl behind us that seemed to have an interest in immitating Iraqi victory calls. You know, with the tongues. But even THAT couldn't stop our enjoyment.

Highlights of this week included the G. Love concert, some time with Victoria Thompson and Kara Weisenstein. Not pictured, though, is the best part of the week. This friend of my mother's somehow scored tickets to the premiere/sneak peak/whatever of the new Catherine Zeta-Jones movie, which really really really sucked. But it was a big ordeal and the Culinary School hosted it, and blah blah blah BUT THE BEST PART was my mother's friend. One of the first things I noticed about her was the nice-looking kenneth cole bag she was holding. It was not until she showed me what was inside-- a small bottle of wine, cheese, and grapes-- that I started liking her too much.


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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A U D I O / V I S U A L
The Week of July First

The Shirelles: Dedicated to the One I Love For some reason I've been very fond of this group of girls lately... of course, like people warned me it would, my like has diminshed since the beginning of the week, but still. I think their music is on the verge of eerie: the lyrics are usually filled with stereotypical joy and things like that, but when I listen to it, I can only picture them with stone faces, occasionally moving their hips or snapping.

Heartless Bastards: Into the Open I don't know much about this group, but I enjoy this song. I'm not even sure if the singer is a boy or girl. The piano is what I enjoy.

Pied Pipers: Mam'selle Last summer, a small shop on Cherokee known as "Best Friends Pet Supply and Used Book Store" was having a large (as large as it could be-- the building was very small) closing sale, and I picked up a songbook of 'timeless gems' from the 1960s. This song was in there, along with It Must Be Him, Spinning Weel, A Kind of a Hush, Leaving on a Jet Plane...

Below are scenes from our two museum voyages: The City Museum (for which we thought it'd be fun to pack a book bag full of animal crackers, vitamin water and notebooks), The Saint Louis Art Museum, The Fourth of July (where Cyndi Lauper performed, I still don't know how I feel about it almost a week later) and fun with Kaitlyn.


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